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Protechted Screen Wipes

Protechted Screen Wipes for Tablets Phones TV Cameras and lenses

Protechted® Large Antistatic Screen Cloths 40x40cms
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The Protechted large antistatic screen cloth is made with a supersoft 70/30 blend of non-linting microfibre that quickly and effectively removes dust, finger marks and even light scratches from large screen TV`s, monitors and tablets. Every cloth is woven with a velvet soft, uniform pile that easily collects dust and buffs surfaces to a perfect sheen. Use the uniform looped pile to remove finger marks, grease and grime. Buff and clean without fear of scratching the surface. Protechted antistatic microfibre cloths are perfect for any large screen or glass surface that needs the finest touch and attention to detail. Size 40x40cms 380gsm. Cloths Sold individually.
Protechted® SCREEN / LENS Cleaning Cloth 30cm x 30cm
£2.99 EXC 20% UK VAT
(£3.59 Inc VAT)
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Normally dispatched within 24hrs on a next day service
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Order over the phone. Call 01455 845855 and quote Part No PTSC1

Protechted® Optical Microfibre Lens and screen cleaning cloth with microcell technology to eliminate scratches and swirl marks. Ultra soft, antistatic and lint free-they are exceptional for cleaning Eye glasses and sun glasses. Can be used to clean Plasma TV / LCD Screen / iPad / iPhone / Optical Lens / DVD / CD / Camera Lens / Smart Phones. The cloth cleans effortlessly leaving lenses and glass surfaces clean and free from scratches or smudges without the need for chemicals or cleaning fluids. 100% Ultra-soft fine microfibre with NO harsh sewn edges to scratch delicate surfaces. 30cm x 30cm 1 cloth per pack.

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