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CERNATA™ Critical Wipes ISO 4 Cleanroom Wipes 25x25cm
Product Code: C-LCC25
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CERNATA Critical Wipes are the most technology advanced lint and fibre free cloth. These Class 10 cleanroom polyester wipes are 4 edge laser cut and sealed preventing lint and fibre contamination. Made from 100% polyester continuous filament fibre, making them durable, soft and engineered tear resistant. Laundered by 17m of ultra pure DI Water to remove any impurities. Class 10 cleanroom manufactured (ISO Class 4).  Ideal for OEM manufacturing, life sciences, Digital printing, Medical, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Delicate cleaning and much more... Unit of sale: 1 Pack x 150 Wipes 9x9`` (25x25cm). 

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