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ASEPT Alcohol Hand & Surface Sanitising Wipes Tub of 150

NEW Asept Alcohol based sanitising wipes are designed to safely sanitise hands and surfaces preventing against the spread of viruses, including the coronavirus and other harmful bacteria.  ASEPT wipes provide a speedy and effective disinfection of both hands and surfaces, works on touch with a high germ kill rate for areas where sanitised surfaces are paramount. Provides protectection after wiping to reduce bacteria build up. These high quality, strong wipes are ideal for personal use in schools, hospitals, dentists, doctors surgeries, care homes, gyms,call centres and kitchen environments. Food safe and pharmacutical approved hard surface sanitising Wipes. ASPT wipes kill 99.999% of germs and bacteria instantly, including: COVID-19 (coronavirus) MRSA, Salmonella, Influenza (H5N1), Hepatitus B, Hepatitus C and Norovirus. Supplied in a re-sealable tall pot to keep wipes fresh and clean. Specificaitons: 20x20cms 32gsm x 150 Wipes. 

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Lint Free IPA Surface Clean Wipes 30x40cms Pack of 25

CERNATA® IPA Clean wipes provide the best surface preparation for the cleaning and degreasing of all surfaces prior to bonding, coating or sealing. The wipes are 68gsm hydroentangled cellulose/polyester for added strength and low particle generation , with a mixture of Isopropanol alcohol 70% and de-ionized water 30% for fast drying cleaning. Designed to easily remove many uncured adhesives, sealants and resins, dust, grease and fingerprints from critical surfaces including all metalwork, stainless steel and plastics. Packaged in a resealable foil pouch for convienience and controlled useage. Sheet size 30x40cms - 25 wipes per pack.  

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Part No. 40225

Dispener Pack of 50 T-Euro Cotton Tack Cloths

Dispenser pack of 50 individual high performance cotton tack cloths, used to prepare paint surfaces prior to painting. Designed for standard and clear-over-base applications for the removal of dust and particles from surfaces. The creped construction provides excellent dirt pick up and retention. The tack cloth's application is to act as a wiping cloth for the removal of unwanted specks of dust or dirt from the surface being prepared. Each tack cloth is individually wrapped to prevent contamination. Presented in a dispenser box of 50 tack cloths. Also known and tack rags. Perfect for all surface paint applications. Neutral colour 45x35cms: Case Qty 50 Tacks Cloths.  

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CERNATA Meltblown Solvent Wipe Boxed Roll 250 Sheets

K TEX Meltblown is a specially designed wipe where spirits, solvents and oil need to be absorbed rapidly from surfaces. These wipes are perfect for a wide range of uses in professional work spaces. If you want to remove grease and oil from surfaces then these wipes are the perfect choice. 100% Polypropylene thermo bond with a crowsfoot pattern. Also known as Kimtech wipes or crowsfoot wipes. Dispense one wipe at a time for controlled usage form a carry handle carton. Used by Precision engineers, spray booths, metal work, Car repairers and bodyshops. Sheet Size 28x38cm. Case Qty: 1 Boxed Roll x 250 Sheets. 

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CERNATA Multicell 2 Ply Quilted Polyester Wipes

CERNATA™ Multicell wipes are one of the most absorbent clean wipes available for cleaning surfaces. If you require a completely lint free cleanroom standard wipe then this is the one to choose. Each wipe is made from 2 layers of 100% Polyester with a Unique quilting pattern for optimum contamination & liquid holding capacity. All 4 edges are  laser cut and sealed by ultrasonic laser for fiber & particle retention. Ideal for wiping critical surfaces of process tools & equipment. For use where superior sorbency is required. Designed for Auto paint applications, OEM manufacturers, Life sciences, precision engineering and medical. Class 10 Manufactured (ISO Class 4) Pack Qty:100 wipes per pack. 

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CERTEK® Blue is a very high quality smooth textured lint free cloths - recognised as the industry standard for manufacturing. LINT FREE leaving surfaces clean and completely grease and fibre free. These Aerospace approved lint free cloths have a high surface softness making them ideal for OEM Manufactruers. Absorbs oils and solvents immediately and works fast for excellent wipe-dry. Contains no silicons or binders to contaminate surfaces. Safe to use with all types of chemicals, solvents, MEK and alcohol. Suitable for cleaning and preparing any surface. Colour - Turquoise Blue 8 Packs of 50 Wipes - 30 x 38cm Case Qty: 400 1/4 Fold Wipes. (NEW BRANDING FOR THIS PRODUCT)  

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NEW CERTEK ™ Aperture lint free cloths combine maximum dirt absorption with ultimate softness for comfortable , effective cleaning. Degrease, preclean,sealer & solvent wipe with this amazing product. The unique open structure has the advantage of collecting contamination ,(including toner and dust), rather than pushing it around the surface being cleaned. Each lint free cloth is highly absorbent for a range of fluids such as water, oils , sealer and ink. Contains no binders or silicone and safe with all chemicals MEK and alcohol. Perfect lint free cloths for OEM Manufacturers, Automotive paint applications, sheet metal and plastic. 8 Packs of 50 wipes 30x38cm per case. 

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CERNATA Solvent Resistant Degreasing Wipes 42cm x 38cm Case 400

SOLVEK is the ideal wipe for use in solvent wiping- with very low extractables and non static properties, makes it the perfect wipe for the removal of grease and surface residue prior to painting and coating. The unique open coarse structure ensures that contaminants are trapped and contained and not pushed around the surface. Silicone free, avoids the contamination of surfaces and can be used even with the most aggressive solvents. Uses include pre-paint solvent wiping, removal of UBC and paint overspray cleaning and degreasing of surfaces. Sheet Size: 42x38cm 8 Packs x 50 wipes per case. Case Qty: 400 1/4 Fold solvent wipes. 

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