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Here is a range of our best selling cleaning rags.

Premium quality cleaning rags Metal detected UK manufactured and always In Stock.

Coloured Mixed Rag for General Purpose Cleaning 10kg Bag
Product Code: CR10
£9.99 EXC. VAT
(£11.99 Inc. VAT)
Next Day Delivery
General purpose mixed coloured rags are produced from cotton rich material cut in to wiper size pieces. With NO FLEECE, DENIM OR SILKS they are ideal for garages and workshops where a cost effective solution is required. Coloured cotton bags of rag are perfectly suitable for heavy industrial and commercial cleaning. Great for mopping up water oil and service fluids from machinery and floors. Cleaning rag UK Manufactured - it matters. Also known as mixed coloured bags of rags or engineers rag. 
Coloured T-Shirt Rags Soft and Absorbent 10kg Pack
Product Code: CTR10
£11.99 EXC. VAT
(£14.39 Inc. VAT)
Next Day Delivery

These wiping cloths are made from washed t-shirts cut in to generous size pieces. Best Value, soft wipers suitable for polishing and cleaning. Being recycled from t-shirts, these coloured cloths are cotton rich and will out perform the majority of other rags and wipers on the market.  T Shirt rags have a high wiper count due to its light weight making it economical in use. Great in garages, workshops and manufacturing, t shirt rags is a great all round performer. 1 Poly Pack x 10kg   

Flannel Wyncette Rag Poly Pack 10kg
Product Code: FLW10
£12.99 EXC. VATNEW
(£15.59 Inc. VAT)
Next Day Delivery
Soft and strong cotton flannel wyncette rag is an all round wiper for quality and value. Very absorbent and softer than t-shirt rag this industrial wiper is a great all round performer. Known in the trade as cotton flannelette rag or wyncette rag.cut in to large useable pieces this flannelette rag is prefect for polishing, cleaning and wiping. An excellent polishing cloth and general cleaning task wiper. Known as wyncette rag or flannelette rag. Case Qty: 1 Pack x 10kg 
New Coloured Soft 100% Cotton Wipes 10kg (approx 225 wipes)
Product Code: FNH10
£16.00 EXC. VAT
(£19.20 Inc. VAT)
Bulk Savings
Qty Price per item
1 - 3 £16.00
4+ £14.99
Next Day Delivery
Coloured hosiery wipes are low linting and made from new supersoft 100% coloured cotton. Made from light colours only-each cotton wipe has a lovely smooth, soft surface so they can be used for cleaning or polishing. Known as coloured cotton hosiery wipes or polishers. Excellent bulk and absorbency properties make them ideal for any industry.  A traditional cloth that can be used for mopping up fluids, cleaning machinery or polishing surfaces. Every piece is usable with no waste. Re-washable up to 200 times. Supplied in a carry handle dispensing carton 225 Pieces per box : 45x45cm . Unit of sale: 10kg Dispensing carton. Why use old, when you can have NEW! 
Lint Free Rag - Cernata Supplied in a Carry Handle Carton 10kg
Product Code: LFR10
£19.99 EXC. VAT
(£23.99 Inc. VAT)
Bulk Savings
Qty Price per item
1 - 3 £19.99
4+ £18.50
Next Day Delivery
CERNATA™ Lint free rag is recognised as the top grade wiping product for industrial cleaning. It is made from only the best cambric cotton making it extremely versatile. Its smooth lint free surface makes it a perfect all round cleaning cloth that can be used for any industrial application. Ideal for use where a good absorbent lint free rag wipe is required. Perfect for cleaning hydraulics,glass manufacturers,woodwork,sheet and metal work,printers etc. Cut in to ideal wiping size pieces of 45x45cm. Also known as lint free cloths and lint free rags. Colour - Pure White.1 x Carton 10kg 
Coloured Towelling Rag - Mixed Colours Poly Pack 10kg
Product Code: TW10
£14.50 EXC. VAT
(£17.40 Inc. VAT)
Bulk Savings
Qty Price per item
1 - 3 £14.50
4+ £13.99
Next Day Delivery

Coloured terry towelling rag is ideal to soak up spills and wiping down surfaces. One of the best all round bags of rags for absorbing grease , water and oil spillages. Very soft coloured towel wipes made from recyled towels and bathrobes. Coloured towelling rag is the most absorbent wipe available. Also known as coloured towelling rag and coloured terry rag. 1 Poly Pack x 10kg  

White Cleaning Rag 100% Cotton Poly Pack 10kg
Product Code: WCR10
£14.99 EXC. VAT
(£17.99 Inc. VAT)
Next Day Delivery

This white cleaning rag is made from cotton rich material cut in to generous size pieces. Great for spills in the workshop, it is also great for cleaning. This white cleaning rag is cut in to large usable pieces making it suitable for a wide variety of cleaning tasks. Suitable for most industrial applications where a white cleaning rag is more suitable. Also low linting these white cleaning bags of rags is now our best selling white wiper. Cost effective cleaning cloths that wont let you down.  

White Cotton Sheeting Rags - 100% Cotton Rich 10kg
Product Code: WCS10
£15.99 EXC. VATNEW
(£19.19 Inc. VAT)
Next Day Delivery
White sheeting rags are made from 100% cotton rich - high quality laundry grade sheeting This all white lint free product is suiable for a variety of cleaning jobs. A great choice for manufacturers, service engineers, printers, or anyone looking for a low lint wiper. Ideal for cleaning machinery, hydraulics, various chemicals and inks leaving surfaces clean and dry. Washed and sterilised. Also known as white sheeting rags or white cotton sheeting. Uint of sale: 1 x 10kg Pack. 
White Towelling Rag - Laundry Quality Packed in 10kg Bag
Product Code: WLT
£19.99 EXC. VAT
(£23.99 Inc. VAT)
Bulk Savings
Qty Price per item
1 - 3 £19.99
4+ £18.00
Next Day Delivery
White cotton terry towelling rag is the premium rag for spilliages and wiping. There is no other rag more absorbent or flexible than our white terry towelling grade. Made from only ex commercial laundry towels (no bathrobes) -  making it super absorbent and soft. Great for wiping water, chemical and oil spillages or general cleaning, what ever you want to clean it is an all round winner. Ideal for fire and flood restoration , manufacturers,signage companies ,contract cleaners and more... Made from only laundry grade towelling to ensure quality and consistancy.Also known as white towel rag and white towelling.  
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