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About Us

Getting the right product at the right price is a real concern for any buyer in today's highly competitivemarket place-but saving money isn't just about a bargain price.

Using our renowned wiping materials you can improve efficiency, reduce wastage and enhance profits without having to compromise on quality.

We only use the finest raw materials, package them in our own production facilities and hold stock for immediate dispatch.

If you are a distributor these factors are of the utmost importance in helping you develop your business, providing your customers with far superior products that gain new and repeat orders.

Our values have remained the same since 1965 - quality and consistency in all our products. I hope you will find this website an invaluable reference tool for all your wiping requirements.

Solve Your Problems

Through our vast experience we are able to provide solutions to problems encountered with cleaning specialist equipment where product knowledge is essential.

Buying Advice

We're here to help you buy better. It's that simple-with our expertise we will help you to choose the right product and spend less money purchasing it.

Cut Your Costs

The majority of our wiping cloths are manufactured in our ownwarehouse facilities. Buying direct from The Wipe Shop eliminates suppliers that add unnecessary time and costs.

Let's Keep It Simple!

Using our vast amount of experience and expertise we have produced a range of products for maximum cleaning and convenience.

The choice is clear

We look forward to working with you.

Tim Haines, Director

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Bundle Offer 10 Rolls Hygimax Lint Free Wiping Rolls
Bundle Offer 10 Rolls Hygimax Lint Free Wiping Rolls
 £259.00  £199.99 
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